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IN THE NEWS: Newly-Established Deerfield River Forum Launches
May 16, 2013

Newly-Established Deerfield River Forum Launches
Wear It! Deerfield River Campaign
Spread the Message of Responsible Water Safety
CHARLEMONT, Massachusetts (May 15, 2013) – The Deerfield River Forum announces the launch of the Wear It! Deerfield River water safety campaign.
The Deerfield River Forum is a newly-formed group, whose members include concerned residents and businesses mostly from Town of Charlemont and surrounding Deerfield River communities, local and state government officials and agencies, and organizations that represent whitewater boaters from throughout the region. The Forum was established to discuss river safety issues and to enact a program that will help raise public awareness about responsible and safe recreation on or near water.
“Through a series of community meetings, the Forum voted to adopt the Wear It! Deerfield River slogan because ‘Wear It’ has national recognition, and many of the safety messages are similar to what we want to promote in our riverfront community,” said Polly Bartlett, spokesperson for the water safety campaign as well as a director of the Deerfield River Watershed Association. “These are common sense river rules for recreation enthusiasts near and far – and on land and in the water – that will enable us all to share the rivers safely.”
What follows is the Wear It! Deerfield River campaign river safety messages:
ü Share the rivers, safely
ü No alcohol - no glass
ü Always wear a life jacket
ü Lug out what you lug in – no littering
ü Stay alert for hidden hazards on land and in water
ü Respect all landowners – do not trespass
ü Respect all river users
ü Keep our waterways safe and clean year round for all to enjoy
Residents along the Deerfield River near Charlemont can soon expect to see the Wear It! Deerfield River logo throughout surrounding communities. Wear It! Deerfield River also will be promoted in a variety of ways at local river festivals and through conventional and social media communications.

Wear It!
The national Wear It! program, implemented by the National Safe Boating Council, is designed to promote responsible and safety boating and the options that are available when it comes to
comfortable and lightweight life jackets. The Wear It! Deerfield River campaign is an off-shoot of this national initiative.
According to the United States Coast Guard, each year hundreds of people who drowned in recreational boating accidents were not wearing life jackets. It is not enough to simply carry a life jacket. Instead, even the most experienced water recreationists should wear a life jacket as accidents on the water occur too fast to reach for stowed life jackets.
Deerfield River Forum
Listed below in alphabetical order are the residents, businesses and government officials and/or agencies that comprise the Deerfield River Forum:
×          ABR, Inc. Environmental Research and Service, Greenfield, Massachusetts
×          American Whitewater,
×          Carrie, Mary Ellen and Phil Banks, Charlemont residents
×          State Senator Benjamin B. Downing, (D-Pittsfield, Massachusetts)
×          Brandin Splitcane Rods, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
×          Gail Cariddi, Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Representative, North Adams
×          Connecticut River Watershed Council, Greenfield, Massachusetts
×          Crab Apple Whitewater, Charlemont
×          Deerfield River Portage, Deerfield, Massachusetts
×          The Great Outdoors, Charlemont
×          Fly Fish The Deerfield River
×          Hyytinen Hollow Tube Rentals, Charlemont
×          Michael Kane Appraiser, Charlemont
×          Mohawk Park Campground and Pub, Charlemont
×          Moxie Outdoor Adventures
×          New England FLOW, Lancaster, Massachusetts
×          Town of Charlemont
×          Town of Rowe, Massachusetts
×          Trout Unlimited
×          United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, First District Northern Region
×          Zoar Outdoor, Charlemont
Media Contact:
Polly Bartlett, Deerfield River Watershed Association, 413.625.6628,


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