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IN THE NEWS: PowerOptions & SunEdison Unveil Innovative Solar Program for Massachusetts Nonprofits
January 31, 2012

Boston and Woburn, January 31 — Nonprofit institutions and government entities around the Commonwealth will have access to the latest in solar energy technology as well as attractive contract and pricing provisions under an agreement unveiled today by PowerOptions and SunEdison.
PowerOptions, the state’s leading energy buying consortium, chose to partner with SunEdison to deliver on the program which will bring the benefits of cleaner, cost-effective and sustainable solar installations to the state’s nonprofit institutions, cities and towns. The selection follows a months-long, vigorous RFP process in which SunEdison and several other companies vied for the chance to deliver solar energy to the hospital, university, municipality and other members of PowerOptions.
“We are pleased to partner with one of the leading solar energy companies to bring the benefits of solar energy to our members in a seamless, cost-effective manner,” said PowerOptions President and CEO Cynthia A. Arcate. “Our members are eager to take advantage of this first-of-its kind program and we are confident they will see best-in-class pricing, conditions and advice as they get started.”
PowerOptions’ unique program, unveiled in a briefing and demonstration at the City of Woburn, leverages the strength of the consortium to streamline solar power development from across the state to produce significantly more benefits for members who enroll.
"SunEdison is proud to be working with PowerOptions in providing their members and the Commonwealth with smart and affordable energy solutions,” stated Carlos Domenech, President of SunEdison. "With our extensive history and proven success with nonprofits, SunEdison will help schools and government entities realize the benefits of solar energy with best-in-class pricing and long-term cost savings.”
“We are very pleased to be a part of PowerOptions exciting announcement,” said Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin. “As a designated Green Community, Woburn has made a commitment to renewable energy, and has made several steps towards our goal of a 20% energy reduction over the next five years. The City is committed to solar development, and we look forward to learning more about this new PowerOptions program, and its potential in helping Woburn reaching our important energy goals.”
“As our nation and Commonwealth take bold steps toward energy independence and curbing the pollution that causes global warming, it is critically important that our partners in business and government lead the way,” said Congressman Edward J. Markey, D-Malden. “I commend Mayor Galvin and the City of Woburn for this ground-breaking effort to bring solar power to the City in new and innovative way.”
“Since the Patrick/Murray Administration created its ambitious goal of installing 250 megawatts of solar power by 2017, homeowners, businesses, and governments have installed 72 megawatts,” said Department of Energy Resources Commissioner Mark Sylvia. “After today, nonprofits and government entities will have another convenient way to access the power of solar energy, a clean, local, and renewable source of power, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”
“Massachusetts is at the forefront of clean energy advancements and I am pleased PowerOptions and SunEdison, on behalf of more than 500 nonprofit and government entities in the state, are making this program widely available,” said state Rep. John Keenan, D-Salem, Co-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. “I’m hopeful this will add to the mix of clean energy we utilize in the state and help bolster businesses that provide key services and products to this growing industry.”
“We see and hear much about solar power but, until now, it has been largely out of reach for nonprofits in Massachusetts,” said state Senator Benjamin B. Downing, D-Pittsfield, Co-Chairman of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. “It will be exciting to watch this effort grow across the Commonwealth as more and more nonprofits and government entities have access to this important technology.”
The solar program follows the model of PowerOptions’ successful electricity and natural gas supply programs whereby the terms and conditions as well as a pricing formula for each project – both large and small – is already established, saving the member the time and money for conducting their own solicitation and negotiation of terms. Further, by ensuring the provider with access to its attractive membership base, SunEdision has agreed to best in industry terms for the PowerOptions program. The program is structured to give nonprofit organizations benefits of tax incentives which make solar projects economically feasible but are out of reach because of their tax-exempt status. The developer will share the benefits of tax incentives with the nonprofits in the form of reduced electricity pricing.
PowerOptions has been briefing members on the benefits of this unique program and several will be on board shortly.
About PowerOptions®
The award-winning PowerOptions® is among the largest electricity and natural gas purchasing consortiums in Massachusetts, with $160 - 200 million of annual energy commodity purchases and a combined demand of approximately 220 megawatts of electricity and 13 million dekatherms of natural gas usage. Any nonprofit or public institution in Massachusetts may become a member and participate in this collective purchasing effort. For more information, visit
About SunEdison
SunEdison is a global provider of solar-energy services. The company develops, finances, installs and operates distributed power plants using proven photovoltaic technologies, delivering fully managed, predictably priced solar energy services for its commercial, government and utility customers. In 2010 SunEdison deployed more than 160 Megawatts of solar throughout the world. For more information about SunEdison, please visit


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